Reds Soccer for All

Reds Soccer For All was founded in 2020 with the belief that all kids should have the opportunity to play soccer and is committed to removing the barriers that inhibit access.

In partnership with the Liverpool FC International Academies of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, Reds Soccer For All aims to provide equitable opportunity for youth and coaches to pursue their soccer experience. In particular, our programming highlights grassroots youth soccer programming, coaching education, and access-based grants and scholarships to be provided in identified partner communities throughout southern New England.

Reds Soccer For All understands the inherent obstacles to play that exist and strives to remove those barriers ensuring that the youth in our communities can all share in their passion for the beautiful game.


Core Values


Grassroots Soccer Programming: Red Soccer For All provides underwritten grassroots-style soccer programming run by Liverpool International Academy coaching staff and hosted in partnership with the town.

Participation Scholarships: Reds Soccer For All provides scholarship funding to applicants in need of financial aid to either: (1) Participate on an academy and/or club team (2) Attend a showcase soccer tournament (3) Purchase soccer equipment (players: cleats and kits // partners: field equipment) (4) Attend a college identification event

Coaching Education Scholarships: Reds Soccer For All is committed to providing access to soccer for all, including area coaches. Through our program, we offer scholarship funding and free training for coaches of all levels dedicated to continuing their soccer education.

Fundraising Events: Reds Soccer For All will host two (2) fundraising events per calendar year aimed at raising money to support program funding. Those events are currently slated to be held in December 2020 and August 2021.


2020 Impact Goals


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Join Us

We invite individuals and business who share in our mission and values to consider a donation. More information can be found at gofundme/com/f/redssoccerforall

We offer opportunities for businesses to join our mission through in-kind and cash sponsorships. For additional information, contact us at

Reds Soccer for All

Reds Soccer for All