Grassroots Soccer Programming: Red Soccer For All provides underwritten grassroots-style soccer programming run by Liverpool International Academy coaching staff and hosted in partnership with the town.

Participation Scholarships: Reds Soccer For All provides scholarship funding to applicants in need of financial aid to either: (1) Participate on an academy and/or club team (2) Attend a showcase soccer tournament (3) Purchase soccer equipment (players: cleats and kits // partners: field equipment) (4) Attend a college identification event

Coaching Education Scholarships: Reds Soccer For All is committed to providing access to soccer for all, including area coaches. Through our program, we offer scholarship funding and free training for coaches of all levels dedicated to continuing their soccer education.

Fundraising Events: Reds Soccer For All will host two (2) fundraising events per calendar year aimed at raising money to support program funding. Those events are currently slated to be held in December 2020 and August 2021.